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About US
Our mission is to provide an objective, quantitative and complete sporting entertainment arena allowing for innovation to finally meet futbol. To provide players, agents and clubs the opportunity to use data as a manner of conversation eliminating biases and opinions along the way.
CFC aspires to provide events where talented players from all over the world and economic backgrounds can let their feet do the talking. To allow players to walk on the pitch as equals and leave knowing that they were given a fair shot. To allow data, not opinions, connections, money, and marketing to accurately dictate the potential of a player. To allow the beauty of futbol to be graced by the best talent through the use of accurate analysis.
Integrity - To create an unprecedented level of trustworthiness while eliminating opinions.
Honor - To respect those who came before in our pursuit to give voice to the silent.
Boldness - To believe in the Data and stand behind the performance indicators allowing the players' feet to speak for themselves.
Who we are?
CFC is a development fútbol academy that uses technology to create plans for player trajectory. We also provide whole team and individual player development tours, experiences, and resources to further build the entire player. Our personnel includes Sports Psychologists, Psyco-attention analysts, Data and video analysts, coaches, Fisios, scouts, and more to ensure that all evaluations and recommendations are data-driven.

CFC is an organization that creates moments and evaluations where everyone wins. Scouts, agents, clubs, and coaches will be able to see talent in our showcases and tours and use data to compare their prospects. Players will have the assurance that while on tour with us, they will be evaluated and developed on a fair and unbiased level.

Who we are not?
CFC is not a guarantor of contract or game-time assurance. However, players must be completely registered with CFC prior to events. The only guarantee that we provide players is the opportunity to prove that they are more than is said of them.
Our programs are designed to develop players and give them the feedback necessary to continue their growth. Unfortunately, we can never guarantee employment opportunities nor that a professional (paying club) will be interested in any players, as that does not depend on us. What we can guarantee is a development experience that will push every player to become better and the possibility to train with clubs at their level, typically being at the regional level here in Catalunya (which does not guarantee a professional 3rd division, 2B, 2BPro, or 2 or 1st division.)
Most players do not have the skills to play in these levels coming directly from any country, each player needs time, style adaptation, and development). Our program does not have "cheaper" options, only packages with fewer offerings. We pride ourselves on offering an intense program and will not compromise your development.  

No connections, No opinions, Just Data.
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