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The academy develops within our internal game logic, it establishes 3 types of micro cycle depending on the development of the player's capabilities:


Micro cycle improvement PRI - PRC - PRF  

- By performing an individual SWOT on each player, we select the technical-tactical-physical deficiencies of each player in order to focus our work on improving and developing them.

Micro conceptual cycle (offensive and defensive principles) 

-  Through technical tasks as well as collective play, we seek to develop that the player learns to automate and carry out within the sessions the understanding and improvement of the offensive and defensive principles that the game requires, seeking direct transfer of the content to work and the task .



Micro cycle match plan

- We teach the academy players to adapt to the different play structures and models that can be carried out so that the player is prepared to perform on any team as well as to adapt to the needs of each game.

Initial Player Analysis

Click the image to see a sample lesson plan of our sessions

Every session is designed with a specific purpose in mind

Sample Session #1 

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-09 at 14.49.12.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-09-09 at 14.48.22 (1).jpeg

Our methods also include

- PRI / PRC individual and collective preparation training with the purpose of the integral improvement of the player.
- Video analysis and performance testing
- Sports psychology Preparation for high performance.
- Conditional preparation, Through a test at the beginning of the process, we observe the player's weaknesses and carry out an individualized plan to achieve a comprehensive improvement of the player's physique.
- Physiotherapist, Readaptation and injury prevention.
- Training and development of the internal logic of the game, the player must not only put the work done into practice, we will also work on the theoretical side from the development of classes adapted to the content and principle of the game as well as the types of model of game and structures to be promoted.
- Nutritional, control of the consumption of day-to-day products through a diet adapted to the individual needs of each player.

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