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  • How do I request a Data-driven Sports Tour
    Very simple. Go to our Tour experiences tab and visit how are we different can click the link that best suits your needs or Just visit us at for Individual player tours for team and group tours
  • What is the process once I choose a project?
    1) Fill out the form listed above - Please have ready dates, participant count (adult/player/coach) and budget restraints 2) Our offices will contact you via email and WhatsApp within 48 hours 3) Consider and close on proposal details. 4) Sign final proposal and get ready for your trip!
  • Are there payment plans?
    Yes! Given enough time our agents will be able to create a customised payment plan for you and/or your teams
  • How do I make payments?
    Payments can be made preferably via a bank transfer directly to our offices or via an online payment through our secured platform. We accept Visa and MasterCard or PayPal. If you experience any problems with payment, please contact us immediately. *Please note that we do not have control over bank transfer charges or exchange rates. All of our rates are in Euros
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Please see your final proposal as it will dictate our cancellation policies. CFC are not responsible for cancellations due to issues outside of its control (via Passport etc...)
  • What if a participant is injured or sick and cannot attend a camp, do they recieve a refund?"
    Please see your final proposal as it will dictate our cancellation policies. CFC will require a doctor´s note on the appropriate headed paper in order to be considered for a refund. It may be refunded in terms of a credit towards a future project. In either case, applicable admin and non-refundable deposits fees may be charged.
  • What is included within the price?
    The details of what is included in your price are very personal and will be clearly laid throughout in the proposal process. All of our packages include: Accomodations (3 or 4 star hotels) Meals (3 meals a day at the hotel) Friendly games (scrimmages) Tournament offering GPS trackers during at least one friendly match Professional pictures of your stay Video recording of your friendlies Cultural visit throughout the city CFC and tournament Gear or gifts Plus much more..
  • What ages are your projects outlined for?
    CFC projects are designed and created for the needs of the club or player. Our projects range from Grassroots to Semi-Pro (ages 7-35+), depending on the project and dates.
  • What are the primary languages spoken in your projects?
    Depending on where the project is located and its details will define the language spoken. In general, If the project is in the U.S., the language spoken will be either English or Spanish. If the project is in Spain, the language will be in Spanish though English may be offered.
  • Who are our coaches?
    Official CFC coaches will be present to conduct training sessions in any part of the World. All the coaches are licensed by UEFA at a PRO status.
  • What type of field do you play on?
    In Barcelona we will be playing on artificial turf.
  • Are parents allowed to attend the different projects?
    Parents are welcome to be apart of their child´s sporting experience. It is expected that they represent your club with the utmost respect. Parents are allowed to attend the activities with their players. It is not allowed to video record the training sessions or interrupt coaches during training sessions. Due to privacy issues, during the first stages of Regionals and International Combines, observers are not allowed prior to specific stages of the event.
  • What am I expected to bring?
    This is specific to the teams´ needs and project requirements. It is broken down in the proposal process.
  • Who do I contact for more information
    Please feel free to contact us through our many different communication avenues Email: WhatsApp: +34 628 528 684 Instagram: @cfcbcn Online chat: On this page
  • Does the U.S. require a PCR test to return?
    This situtation may differ depending on the state in which you´re returning. In general as of January 2021 the USA requires all passengers returning from Spain to provide documentation of PCR test done within 48 hours of landing in the states. This test is NOT INCLUDED in our pricing and can be scheduled in advance. The cost for this test can be up to150 euros but can be as low as 85-90 euros. Each client is more than welcome to find an alternative site if it is cheaper. This applies to all tours both individual and team. For more up-to-date information please visit your embassy and or the US governmental sites. Here are two links to help you decide and schedule your PCR test
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