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THE ACADEMY focuses on the complete player not just the athlete, so it is befitting that our evaluations resemble that philosophy. Every futboler that walks through our doors will be evaluated from the moment the enter the program until the final whistle. 

Our evaluations allow us to focus on the mental, physical, emotional, technical and tactical aspects of a player´s game. 


(Psycho-attention development) We look into what´s most important, your mental strength







2 wearable GPS trackers tell us the reality of your efforts


Small-group and individual sessions to sharpen your skills


Our bi-weekly video and game analysis will strengthen your awareness

5th sense

Futvolei, streetball and spanish pitch-talk classes reach you where pitch work won´t

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What do we look at during your evaluation? EVERYTHING.

Your connection with futbol and awareness of who you are as a player begins and ends with the confidence you have on-and-off the ball. The ball is your extension and our evaluation contains attributes like but no limited to:

- Control

- Touch

- Poise

- Speed

- Strength

- Grit

- Leadership

- Humilty

- Character

- Movement 

- Composure

- Coachability

- Awareness

- Participation

- Communication

and soo much more

Sample report cover page
(initial report 15+ pages long) 

Initial Player Analysis

Our methods also include

- PRI / PRC individual and collective preparation training with the purpose of the integral improvement of the player.
- Video analysis and performance testing
- Sports psychology Preparation for high performance.
- Conditional preparation, Through a test at the beginning of the process, we observe the player's weaknesses and carry out an individualized plan to achieve a comprehensive improvement of the player's physique.
- Physiotherapist, Readaptation and injury prevention.
- Training and development of the internal logic of the game, the player must not only put the work done into practice, we will also work on the theoretical side from the development of classes adapted to the content and principle of the game as well as the types of model of game and structures to be promoted.
- Nutritional, control of the consumption of day-to-day products through a diet adapted to the individual needs of each player.

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