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Spanish Pitch-talk

THE ACADEMY focuses on the complete player not just the athlete, so it makes sense that our language reflects that focus. Every futboler that walks through our doors is granted the opportunity to learn how to navigate the intense communication on the field. The learning begins from the moment you land here in Barcelona until you fly back in June.  

Our Spanish Pitch-talk program allows for us to focus on day-to-day dialogue so, that each player will have the same opportunities to be successful as their peers. 


- Discover what, where, who and whens of the field. Never be lost when entering the stadium again.






- Understand the intricacies to your technique and how to clarify points


- Learn what the coach and your players require of you and how to clarify doubts. 

Daily lingo

Relationships are built off the pitch and nutured on it. 

and soo much more

What if I already know Spanish, do I need this? YES.

One of the pillars that we stand firm on is communication on the pitch. This trait will make or break a player and when you train and play overseas, this is tough. Our program is not your typical Spanish class, it is designed to help you navigate the tactical and technical interactions during trainings to the intense conversations, the jargon, the lingo and slang that happen instinctually on the pitch. Our program will help you to understand the Pitch-talk.

Weekly or Bi-weekly, these classes make the difference!

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Our methods also include

- PRI / PRC individual and collective preparation training with the purpose of the integral improvement of the player.
- Video analysis and performance testing
- Sports psychology Preparation for high performance.
- Conditional preparation, Through a test at the beginning of the process, we observe the player's weaknesses and carry out an individualized plan to achieve a comprehensive improvement of the player's physique.
- Physiotherapist, Readaptation and injury prevention.
- Training and development of the internal logic of the game, the player must not only put the work done into practice, we will also work on the theoretical side from the development of classes adapted to the content and principle of the game as well as the types of model of game and structures to be promoted.
- Nutritional, control of the consumption of day-to-day products through a diet adapted to the individual needs of each player.

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