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What is your reality?


Who are you?

Where is your game?

How are you developing?

What are your goals?

     - Be the best you can be

     - Be good enough for college

     - Be just good enough

Sports Psycology



Thigh trap

GPS tracking

Game IQ

Emotional control

Chest trap



Hip movements

Tecnique efficacy

Defensive positioning

Scoring Accuracy

Passing Accuracy

Weight Control

Touches (In & Out)


Eval Hours

Where have you tested your game?

Speeds per session

How coachable are you?

Do you study the game?

What is the weight of your desire...

What are your stats for the last season? Are you tracking your growth?
Simple Stats should include
What do you know about your game?

Average touches per game


Total completed passes/assists and touches this season

MInutes played on average


Total contributions this season

  • When was the last time someone analyzed your data objectively? 

  • Who ask asked you for your full game film, not just your highlights?

  • Do you know which position on the field is best for you?

  • When was the last time someone broke down your technique?

  • Do you have game videos or pictures?

  • Where does your current level of game really lie? 

  • Are you even competitive for the level in Spain?

  • When was the last time you really tested your level of desire?

These are some of the questions that if you do not have clear, you need to experience our development program. 1, 3, 6, and 10 months programs. Start investing in yourself and learning from the best. Test yourself and see where you lie in the competitive market that is Barcelona, Spain!

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