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Language Education in Barcelona

Getting a professional language education is fully compatible with sports development. Coming to Spain, getting your student visa and training daily is a possibility with our new partners. The GUIU academy accompanies our passion, perseverance, and teamwork. 

CFC has partnered with GUIU Barcelona academy to offer a selection of language, Bachillerato, ELE, Business and Education courses with schedules that are fully compatible with our player training programs


Come to Spain, learn the language, study the culture and develop your Futbol or coaching skills while you´re in Barcelona.

Get in contact with your GUIU agent and ask them to add a sporting package to your program and get ready to experience Barcelona´s only multi-disciplinary data-driven futbol development program. 

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Education in Barcelona

Getting an excellent education is fully compatible with a vocation in Sports. And understanding the world of business will open important opportunities in your future sports career. In fact, it’s widely known that athletes make excellent business leaders. Passion, perseverance and teamwork are qualities that are learnt on the field and are vital for business. 


CFC has partnered with ESEI International Business School to offer a selection of quality business-related programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels that are fully compatible with our players training schedules.

Looking for U.S. Highschool options

Top quality accredited business programmes

  • Practical learning experience

  • International student population

  • Networking opportunities with businesses

  • 10% Scholarship for CFC Players/ Academy players


What to expect as an ESEI Student?

  1. Great welcome at the start of your programme at ESEI

You will kick off your programme with interactive workshops and fun events. You will also receive an ISIC international student card to prove your official student status and access over 150,000 student discounts and offers worldwide.

    2. Classmates from different Nationalities

ESEI boasts of a diverse community of 150 students from more than 40 countries! 

Class sizes are small with a great mix of nationalities. You’ll work on class projects with students from various backgrounds and make friends from around the world! 

    3. Lots of Social Events on Campus

At ESEI, our Student Experience Team will guarantee an awesome campus experience with lots of amazing events in and outside campus!


Why study at ESEI?


ESEI students come from all over the globe. Currently, we have students from 40 different countries studying at our school. They are all young, career-minded individuals who are passionate about business and want to positively impact the lives of others.

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