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FOOTBALL is one of the greatest sports on the planet, boasting the ability to play in every corner of the Earth. Players dream of the chance to play in front of a roaring crowd and be lauded as a difference maker, the one that brings joy to their country or just given the opportunity to give it their all. Unfortunately, between favoritism, connections and opinions many of potential greats have not been given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability or just a moment to prove that they can compete, an honest opportunity to show their worth.

CFC was inspired into creation in June of 2016 through a series of events. From the stories of athletes who had given up on fútbol, to those who lost their confidence because of unchallenged decision-making to favoritism. These stories moved our founders to create a system that allows players to be put on the same playing ground and given the same opportunities, no strings attached, just Data. This would allow the player to dictate whether they are the best or not, then use that data to analyze their shortcomings and improve. No Opinions, Just Data.

After taking note of many of the successful showcases and camp opportunities, we´ve seen and heard the stories of how coaches shun great players because of team/club politics. We heard the stories of players giving up because they weren’t given the opportunity to show their worth. The coach was the ruler of his kingdom, good coach/bad coach, his word was supreme whether a player was good enough or not. No Data, just coaches’ opinions. At times a popularity contest.

Fútbol is changing. Every game is filled with statistics and data points. From the beauty of replay, slow-motion replay to VAR to goal-tech to player statistics to records being broken. Data is everywhere in professional fútbol. The gap is in the development of those players. Where are the statistics that prove the potential and superiority of players in competition? Where are the statistics that show who has the makings of a professional player? This gap allowed for many players to fall through and give up on their dreams. This cannot be.

After extensive market research and planning, we were able to create unique sporting events yet to be sampled here in Europe. Our truly data-driven experiences merge the statistical need to track players and the practical ability to play the game. Our experiences will prove to those who dare challenge the norm also possess the ability to come out on top. To show scouts, agents, clubs, and most importantly themselves that they have what it takes. We will allow for the players´ feet and minds to speak for themselves, No Opinions, Just Data.

Because learning from your mistakes (feedback) is the second most important factor in becoming a great player, next to opportunity (not a chance). Our tours provide each team/ or player with a personalized report of where they stand amongst the dozens of teams tracked here in the Catalan region. Players will have the opportunity to hold the reins, BENCH YOURSELF or COMPETE, either way the DATA will speak on your behalf. No Favoritism, No Connections, No Opinions, Just Data.

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