How are our tours different?

Coming to Barcelona is a huge step and can be an overwhelming decision. So why CFC? At CFC we work to create a customized project for each individual or team. Whether you are coming out to enjoy the game and compete against local teams in Barcelona or are serious about your development and want to be evaluated by our group of experts. We will create a proposal that suits exactly what your looking for. Our tours typically include : Room and board (3 meals a day), transportation (public or driver), morning academy trainings, evening sessions with clubs *, scrimmages, data collection (GPS use), Specialised diet plans*, Spanish tutors*, psyco-analisis*, video recordings for analysis, professional pictures of all scrimmages, CFC gifts for players and families and soo much more. 



Our individual tours are very intense and are designed specifically for the development and growth of each of our players. Unless specified, our tours are not vacations. Our players and academy players are on the pitch daily, visiting Barcelona and touristy activities are not even secondary. When we are not training, we are recuperating. While we are recuperating, we are evaluating. When we are not evaluating we are getting ready to do it again. No Opinions, Just Data. Our professionals take your development very seriously, touring with us means you do to.