About US


Our mission is to provide an objective, quantitative and complete sporting entertainment arena allowing for innovation to finally meet futbol. To provide players, agents and clubs the opportunity to use data as a manner of conversation eliminating biases and opinions along the way.


CFC aspires to provide an event where talented players from all over the world and economic backgrounds can let their feet do the talking. To allow players to walk on the pitch as equals and leave knowing that they were given a fair shot. To allow data, not opinions, connections, money and marketing to accurately dictate the potential of a player. To allow the beauty of futbol to be graced by the best talent through the use of accurate analysis.


Integrity - To create an unprecedented level of trustworthiness while eliminating opinions.
Honor - To respect those that came before in our pursuit to give voice to the silent.
Boldness - To believe in the Data and stand behind the performance indicators allowing the players' feet to speak for themselves.


Who we are?
CFC is an entity which hopes to create a truly international Combine that allows for the players' data to speak for themselves. CFC's goal is to bring European and international scouts, Intermediaries club managers and agents to see talent and use our data to eliminate opinions and create conversation. Allowing for a worldwide competition that will feature extremely talented players to showcase themselves in a venue that promises concrete exposure.

CFC is an organization that creates the moment where everyone wins. Scouts, Agents and Clubs will find world talent in one international showcase. Players will have the assurance that they will be seen and evaluated.

Who we are not?
CFC is not a guarantor of a contract assurance. Though players must be completely registered with CFC prior to events. The only guarantee that that we provide players is the opportunity to prove that they are more than is said of them.
No connections, No opinions, Just Data.