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U.S. International Development Tour 2023

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Our camps, like our academy, are focused on creating versatile players who want to grow in their game and become more complete players.  With the use of new technologies and resources, we encourage ALL players to challenge themselves in our unique multi-disciplinary methodology. 

It takes attitude, courage, responsibility, trust in yourself, the project, and patience to develop into a complete futboler. These are the traits that are required of everyone who participates in this program.

Our methods include Futbol, Futevolei, Futbol sala, and soo many more techniques. The use of technologies (GPSs, where pertinent), photos, data/video analysis, ball throwing, physical, soccer techniques, data collection stations, technical work, small group work, tactical talks and so much more... Come develop with us in April and see what our philosophy can do for you as well! 

Our camp will host players male and female from ages U8 - U19 of all levels!

Pitch #1 - Los Angeles, California

Call US: +1 616-856-4212 or
Spain: +34 628 528 684 on WhatsApp

Choose your session:

Basic Camp Rules

- Each player must come ready to train 15 minutes before the scheduled time. 

- It will not be allowed to incorporate players who arrive more than 5 minutes late to training (without prior justification)

- No player will be allowed to train without the campus kit (Camp training top and black shorts)

- Sessions are to be paid in advance in cash before the first day, through the website (PayPal or CC)

- Unsportsmanlike character (laziness, argumentative, disrespectful remarks or actions towards staff or others will not be tolerated.

    - Players will only be warned 2 times and can be uninvited without reimbursement.

*Sessions or payments are not recovered under any circumstance. *Players will be mixed by level, not gender (exception in 17+ group)

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