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Barcelona's 1st International Data-driven Showcase

Our evaluation showcase tours have taught us a few things, whether players come from the US, South America or Europe. It is never a true test until you´ve competed against the best. So now we´re offering a one-of-a-kind data-driven tour focused on finding the 

best there is to offer. Our Showcase is meant to have an intense and quick look at aspiring talent and give them an opportunity in front of some of Barcelona´s top team directors, coordinators and scouts. 

Train and compete in our showcase against local and international talents to see if you have what it takes to be offered a spot on roster. Interested in seeing what your game is really about. Join us this December before all the slots are taken. 

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Clubs are subject to change at anytime 

Evaluation Preview

Tour schedule 9-13hr

Day One

Day One

Our first day is similar to when you play your game. First, we organize ourselves then we hit the ground running. Day one consists of:

Registration and gear pick-up

Introduction to program and station review

GPS tracker and/OR bracelet handout

Player assignments

Warm-up drills

Stations 1-3 or 4-6

Rotating small-sided games with on-field coaching

Recorded game for the night for evaluation

Day One

Day Two

Our day two is mid season adjustments. Lay out the game play and we hit the ground running. Day two consists of:

Introduction to day and station review

GPS tracker and bracelet hand out

Player assignments

Warm-up drills

Stations 4-6 or 1-3

Technical and tactical training

Rotating small sided games with on-field coaching

Second Evaluatory game for the night

Day One

Day Three

Our day three is our end-of-season push. This is where leagues are won and in your case, your final chance to earn your spot with us. Day three consists of:

Introduction to the day

GPS tracker and bracelet hand out

Player assignments

Warm-up drills

Player interviews

Technical and tactical training

Individual & Group Player corrections and tips

Rotating small-sided games with on-field coaching

Final 65-minute Evaluatory game for the night

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Showcase Participants

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Be ready to be evaluated on as much as your game as we can fit in this 3-day intensive. We will be evaluating you from the moment you enter until you leave. We will use different tools and methods to collect data throughout the event. Expect to see stations like:


20m sprint (with and without ball)

Pro-agility drill


On/Off ball movements

Reaction and decision-making


Poise and maturity


and much more...

Registered players

Every registered player will be afforded the opportunity to earn a 2-week all-expense* (flights not included) paid tour given to the top male and female athlete experience and complete your evaluation with our staff right here in Barcelona, Spain. This tour is valued at 3,000 euros and will include: Room and board (check out our partners and or academy house), pick-up to and from the airport, transportation to morning training with our UEFA Pro coaches, trainings and possible scrimmages with top local clubs, GPS trackers (placed on back and feet), Fisio session, Spanish tutor session (2-hour pitch talk session), Complete evaluation with our coaches and our partner Neurotalentum, Visit to Camp Nou tour and museum, video recordings of any friendlies and professional pictures, CFC gear and more. 

In collaboration with OUR PARTNERS, any player registered to the camp is offered a 10% discount on future sporting tours with us and up to 15% discount if registered to our year-long academy. 

*Please feel free to check out our TOUR EXPERIENCES to learn more about residency

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