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This tour is not meant for everyone. This offering is based on the pure development and evaluation of players who are serious in becoming something greater in the sport. This tour offers:

Weekly Spanish tutor

Weekly personal or small group (3 max) training sessions with UEFA Pro coach Juanma Pons

Visit from NEUROTALENTUM to evaluate your on-pitch focus and mental readiness

On-call Fisios

Evening trainings up to 5 times a week

Morning trainings with a local academy up to 3 times a week

Complete CFC and affiliates evaluation report

Recuperative tools (Compression legs, rollers etc..)

2 CFC training kits and hoodie

2 GPS units for data collection to use throughout stay (one placed on chest, another on both feet)

Videos (of friendlies, if allowed and if invited)

Professional pictures of your training and game play

Room and board (3 meals a day)

Transportation (to and from training sessions)

Group visits to Barcelona city on Saturdays

Individual Professional Evaluation Tour


CFC Multi-family

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