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CFC  Streetball House Rules

-A squad of at least 5 players

-A legible Instagram page

-A clear team color (bibbs will be provided for away games if needed

General: 7 teams, 14 games. (1 game at home 1 game away for each opponent)

Win +3

Draw +1

Loss +0

-Each team must pay a mandatory $150 down payment to apply for registration before being selected for the official 7 team league. Every team not selected will receive a refund.

 Team Requirements

-Once the official league members are announced there is a $300 registration fee. If this is not paid within 14 days of the announcement your team will be replaced by another team that has applied.

Before every match a CFC representative will explain the rules for the format chosen at the venue chosen. (outs, fouls, subs, GK’s, etc.)

General Rules



-NO Smoking

-NO Drinking

-NO Fighting , if so, the offending team(s) will receive a 2 point deduction on top of the game result & instigators will be red carded. (1 match ban).

-If a team is short a player for a 5v5 or 4v4 the opponent must even the numbers.

-Also, if a team is short a member on the venue, that team would get a  -1 point.

ex. A team shows up to a 5v5 venue with 4 players, then each team must play 4v4 with a keeper. This will reduce chances of team forfeits & so everyone can always play.



Duration: two 20 minute halves, with a 5 minute halftime

Refs: no/call your own fouls

Subs: only during half-time



Duration: two 20 minute halves, with a 5 minute halftime

Refs: call your own fouls

Subs: Futsal style ie. you can sub unlimited # of players given a player does not go on before his/her team-mate comes off



Duration: two 25 minute halves, with a 10 minute halftime

Refs: minimum 1 ref

Subs: Futsal style

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Registered players

Every registered team will be afforded the opportunity to win a cash prize of $3,000 and a 5-day all expense* paid tour (flights not included) to compete in our International Streetball tournament here in Barcelona, Spain July 2022!

This tour will include: Immediate registration to the 2022 CFC Intl Streetball Tournament, Room and board (check out our partners), pick-up to and from airport, Public transportation cards, Visit to Camp Nou tour and museum, CFC welcome package, 10% off any CFC gear orders and more. 

Any player registered to our Streetball league is eligible for a 10% discount on future sporting tours with us and up to 15% discount if registered to our year-long academy. 

*Please feel free to check out our TOUR EXPERIENCES to learn more about residency

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