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Join us in Estonia April 23, 2023

Come and experience the CFC methodology

Estonia 2023.jpg

Thanks for registering for the camp!


Basic Camp Rules

- Each player must come ready to train 15 minutes before the scheduled time. 

- It will not be allowed to incorporate players who arrive more than 5 minutes late to training (without prior justification)

- No player will be allowed to train without the campus kit (Camp training top and black shorts)

- Sessions are to be paid in advance in cash before the first day, through the website (PayPal or CC)

- Unsportsmanlike character (laziness, argumentative, disrespectful remarks or actions towards staff or others will not be tolerated.

    - Players will only be warned 2 times and can be uninvited without reimbursement.

*Sessions or payments are not recovered under any circumstance. *Players will be mixed by level, not gender (exception in 17+ group)

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